Roller blinds 

Rollers are the most popular blind choice in Perth and have been since around 2005.Roller Blinds Rollers are different to the Holland’s most Aussies grew up with in the 70s-80s. Rather than being controlled by springs, they are either chain controlled or motorised. 

The chain controls are made of stainless steel or they can be black or white plastic if you choose. Our chain controls are completely child safe as our installers tension the chains to comply with Australian Law and for your family, friends and pets safety.

We have a huge range of fabrics and there is three types of fabric Block out to stop the light, Translucent to let the light in but stop glare, heat, UV and give you privacy day and night. Then there is Sheer which will stop some heat, UV, Glare and people cant see in from outside during daytime, but at night it works in reverse.

There is a choice of 8 base rails and four bracket colours. The different style base rails Inc. flat, designer, round and most popular oval you have plenty of choice. Bracket colors come in a choice of four colors, black, beige, white and grey and they can all come with end caps too if required.

roller1.jpg roller2.jpg
Above- Roller Blind with end caps
using grey bracket
Above- Bracket colours available


Rollers can be reverse rolled or standard rolled (reverse rolled is when the fabric runs over the front of the blind, also known as front rolled).

We give you booster springs if your blinds are oversize to reduce the weight of the blind when pulling it up. All fabrics are ultrasonically cut to prevent fraying.

Our roller blinds mechanisms and parts including the roller tubes are manufactured by Acmeda. Acmeda is a top quality manufacturer of roller blinds parts and components.

Blinds can be linked if required, using a linking bracket. Linking blinds must be next to each other as the linking bracket replaces the normal bracket. Rollers can also be linked round corners to reduce the gap.

Most of our fabrics are stain repellent and mold repellent. Plus all fabrics are manufactured in Australia or New Zealand and made of Polyester. Some sheer fabrics are made of fiberglass and polyester. Please see fabric range for more information on our extensive fabric range.

We can also motorise Roller blinds- please refer to the Motorised blinds tab


Dual Rollers are also an option; please see Dual Rollers link found under Our Blinds

roller4.jpg roller5.jpg
Above- Dual Roller blinds with end caps
using grey bracket colour
Above-Dual Roller blinds


We can also manufacture Holland roller blinds, which are spring, controlled and have no chain control. Please email or call for more info

If you’re looking at purchasing our Roller blinds, why not take a look at our Perth Design Pelmets too. See the pelmet information link for more info or call us for a free quote.

roller6.jpg roller7.jpg
Above- Pelmet Above- Roller blinds in white blockout fabric, reverse rolled


roller8.jpg roller9.jpg roller10.jpg
Above- Light filtering translucent fabric You can’t see through light 
filtering fabric, you only see
shadows. Let in the sunlight while
stopping the UV, glare and heat
Above- Sheer fabric You can see through sheer fabric during the day, perfect option for sea views Above- Blockout fabricStop the light, Heat and UV with blackout fabric. 

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