Tinting in Perth – Home Window Tint, Safety Film & Security Film

Tinting is a great way to protect your property from harmful UV rays and heat as well as providing security for your home or office. Perth Tinting provides decorative, security and solar tint for all your tinting needs.

Features of our Tinting products:

  • Lifetime Warranty residential or 12 year commercial warranty
  • Stops over 99% of harmful UV rays
  • Provides day time privacy
  • Glare Reduction up to 93%
  • Up to 73% heat protection

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The World’s Best Window Film – Designed in Australia

Beautiful Views

In Australia, we have some of the best views on Earth – with mountain ranges, rolling hills, rugged coastline and unique trees. Many views are spectacular at night with lights around the bays, harbours, rivers and city skylines.

Dangerous UV Radiation

We also have the highest levels of dangerous ultraviolet radiation anywhere in the world, partly because of the hole in the ozone layer, but mainly because we have the cleanest atmosphere.

Heat and Glare

Clean skies mean more glare too, so our great environment comes at a cost – we have the harshest climate on the planet – dangerous to our skin and hard on our eyes.


It’s harsh on our furniture and furnishings too. But there is a solution.

Solar Film

Solar Film, was designed in Australia for Australia conditions. It is the ultimate domestic and commercial window film.

Optical Clarity

The first film to combine the great looks of tinted glass with the high performance of a fully reflective film. And to ensure that you can enjoy your view, Solar Film has unique Optical Clarity.

Low Reflectivity

Solar Film has extremely low reflectivity, and is so subtle it is hard to tell if it has been applied to the glass! It is the most natural film to look through, it’s absolutely neutral.

Better for Birds

The ultra low reflectivity means the birds are far less likely to peck at their reflection – a common problem with ordinary high performance films.

Performance or view

With virtually all other window films, including competitors’ low reflectivity films, you have to make a difficult decision – performance or view. You couldn’t have it both ways, until now.

Demand the Best

You don’t have to compromise. You can have great looks, optimal performance and a great view day or night when you choose our tinting.

Optimum Window Film

Depending on which product you select and your decor colours, you may get some reflectivity at night but with soft lighting, this can be virtually eliminated.

Night-time View

It is important to note that even clear glass can become a mirror at night., it you have a very bright lights inside and darkness outside. So in some situations, you may have to dim your lights a little.

The Choice is Clear

Solar Film gives you the best of everything

  • Excellent heat rejection – up t 67%
  • 99% UV rejection.
  • Beautiful neutral grey colour.
  • Looks like tinted glass from both inside and out.
  • Very low reflectivity.
  • Enhances the view by cutting glare without changing colours.
  • Guaranteed against colour change or fading.
  • Guaranteed not to turn purple – does not contain dye.
  • Lifetime residential Warranty.
  • Superior scratch resistant coating.
  • Ideal for residential and commercial applications.

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